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Data (May 10th, 2008)

Druid Ring Locations

Portal Access/Quest

With the expansion Echoes of Faydwer *EoF* druids now have access to the druidic rings located on Norrath.  There are quests attached to these rings for druids only and every other class just needs to harvest the blessed shrub in the ring to use the druid portals.

Greater Faydark: 214 12 1

ButcherBlock Mountains: 5 178 577

Antonica: -2195 -23 -689

Commonlands: 675 -58 -101

SteamFont Mountains:20 92 1265 

Kylong Plains: Near Teren's Grasp (Location Comming)

Kunzar Jungle: Near the Abandoned Village Sokokar Point (Location Comming)

*Druid Only* When you harvested the blessed bush you will get a quest to head back to your home city where the druid portal trainer is at *Qeynos, Freeport and Kelethin*.

You will talk to the portal trainer and they will say you have what they need as a final ingredient.  Giving them the leaf it will take a second or two before they say everything is ready and you will talk to them once more.  You will receive a leaf in your inventory and they will open up a portal to the area you harvested the leaf from.  Once you go through the portal open your inventory and use the leaf to complete the quest.   Upon completion you will receive a spell called Circle of *Area Name* that when cast will open up a portal to that druid ring.

For all other classes you only have to head to the druid ring and harvest the ?Blessed Shrub/Bush? that is located within the ring.  Once that is harvested you will be given access to the portals that the druids *Furys/Wardens* can cast. 



  • XP: Unkown
  • Coin: None
  • Item: None
  • Special: Spell


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