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Data (May 10th, 2008)

Wizard Spire Locations

Wizard spires are locations that wizards and warlocks can teleport people or their groups to.  Currently there are four known wizards spires within EverQuest 2.

Antonica: scroll at -2080 13 -614

Commonlands: scroll at 6 -46 -412

Greater Faydark: Spire near Steamfont Mountains Entrance (Location comming)

Teren's Grasp: The whole city itself can be considered the wizard spire.  The scroll is near the four casters. (Location Comming)

Once you obtain the scroll you will be issued a quest to head back to a teleport trainer. The teleporter trainers are usually located in mage districts/areas of cities.  Qeynos: 715 33 146 up the blue portal in the mage tower.

Freeport: Inside the Freeport Arcane Library in the basement.



  • XP: Unkown
  • Coin: None
  • Item: None
  • Special: Spell


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