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Data (May 10, 2008)

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To Contact the website administrator please direct all comments/questions to  with the necessary heading.  If there is a problem with a certain web page or file please type in the heading of the email "Problem" then in the subject area say what file you tried to access and what problem occured.

If you wish to send information about creatures, quests, raids, etc... to please send it to with the heading "Information".  You may send file attachments to the data link, but not to the website administrator mail.  Any emails that have attachments that are found in the Amana box will be deleted without being read. 

Right now is building up a screenshot/photogallery.  If you have a unique or interesting screenshot you would like to be featured please send it to with "Gallery" in the heading. 

Thankyou to everyone for your comments, submissions and critiques about the website.  It is through your efforts that can be made an even greater site.