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Data (May 10, 2008)

Special Thanks

This section is dedicated to those that have helped out the website. 

The first thanks is the biggest going to Tristan on the Kithicor server in EQ2.  He was the one that pointed the owner of this site to the hosting company.  This allowed to come into being.

Another thanks goes out to now merged into .  Ogaming was the true inspiration for this site showing that gamers need super clean super fast information to help them complete quests.

The third thanks goes to Oogie of the eq2-guilds website.  Thanks to Oogie a professional looking template was found that could be used on this website under a free liscense agreement.

Final thanks goes out to the news groups of the eq2 community putting in their advice, oppinions and suggestions as far as what the website should look like.  Through this a website template was chosen to be represent