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Data (May 10, 2008)

Everquest 2

System Requirements

EverQuest 2 is a graphically stunning game with deep rich content. When you first enter the game you can choose from a boat load of races from Barbarians to wood elfs. The same can be said with classes where you can be anything from a knife wielding Assassin to a spell casting Wizard. With the expansion Echoes of Faydwere you can now choose to start either on the Island of Refuge or as a nature being for the city of Kelethin (Fae, Wood Elf, High Elf, and such).

The game has many beautiful sites to see, however this doesn't mean the game is timid. There are many creatures foaming at the mouth to destroy you for any number of reasons. These creatures range from the disgusting and disturbed zombies to the powerful half-man half-dragon creatures known as Droags.

Combat is fast paced where one attack is followed by the next until you're dead or your enemy is dead. Grouping and Raiding in EQ2 are about the same as any other MMO but have a unique charm all there own. Raiding can go up to a max of 24 players which is sometimes necessary for the most powerful monsters in the game.

Quests abound in this game with the current total at two thousand and counting. These quests can be found almost anywhere from anyone or anything from people and creatures to items in secluded dungeons. There are even special quests called "Collection Quests" where you harvests items from the ground. Once you complete a collection you turn them into an appropriate person for a reward.

To say EQ2 is a great MMO is an understatement in the least. Rating: 7 out of 7


  • Graphically Stunning with player characters having great detail and expressions.
  • Zones feel very immersive with little nooks and crannies hiding both dangerous and aluring secrets.
  • Cities have a great feel that is augmented by orchestra style music.
  • There is a deffinate feel to each server be it from the economy and players to the guilds.
  • Enemy AI is unique in that it will call for help and/or cast beneficial spells on its allies making for heated moments.
  • Most veteran players of EQ2 are very friendly willing to help out new players or "Newbies/N00bs" as they are called.


  • EQ2 is a bit of a computer hog having hefty computer requirements. However most computers can run it with minor tweaks and fixes
  • A fair amount of Hard drive space is required for the program atleast 10gb not including space for screenshots.
  • Like all MMOs it does have hickups and problems with certain zones lagging more than others. However this is quickly found and fixed by the development team.