Game Review


Data (May 10, 2008)

Pirates: Constructable Strategy Game

System Requirements

It's time to set sail on the high seas with the Pirates constructible strategy game. To describe this game I would have to say it is one-part real time strategy games (RTS), one part chess, and one part Yugioh. Luckily as far as I have seen the program to play the game costs nothing. However in order to get upgrades you must pay for booster packs and starter packs like Yu-Gi-Oh. One unique element to the game is that every name you see is a real person. All of this that makes the Pirates Constructible Strategy Game very distinctive and interesting in its own right.

To describe this game would be asking Charles Darwin what he thinks of the duckbill platypus. It is a strange entity cobbled together to form one unusual creature that works in an exciting way. You must carefully assemble a deck making sure to stay at or under the 40 point standard. However this standard can be increased to 80 points in certain situations. This is one reason why it is good to have multiple versions of a working deck. Once your strategy is set the chess match begins when you verse another player in game. Here the chess element and RTS elements mingle where you move your ship(s) then your enemy moves his/her ship(s). This continues until the battle begins depending upon your game type. The Yugioh part of the game comes into play since there is no real "Ultimate Deck."

As stated said above the program from my perspective doesn't cost anything to download. You are not asked for credit card information or your station player name. The program is a hefty 150mb download that will take some time even on a high-speed DSL or even Cable modem connection. Luckily the program doesn't require a super beefy system to run and takes up a measly 300mb when installed. This may change when updates are introduced to the game adding new features and the like.

Much like Yugioh you have to shell out real world currency to get new cards to update your deck. This isn't necessarily good, but it isn't bad either since the cards aren't outrageously expensive. A booster pack will run you $4 (U.S.) currency, and the digital starter packs run $10 (U.S.). However if you want to buy a mess of cards at a semi discount price you can go for the $65 (U.S.) treasure chest. It contains 1 Limited Edition ship and 18 booster packs. When buying a booster pack you have a chance to get common, uncommon, rare, super rare, and Limited Edition cards.

Every single name you see in the in game is a real person. This allows for situations that would prove much more intriguing and difficult than any AI (Artificial Intelligence) program. You must watch your opponent much like a chess match then react making for both dull and exciting moments. Sadly since these are all real players there are bad/dishonest players. This is why you have to be careful when you trade cards since some people may give you false information. This is a low point since there are good people on the forums and in the game that are very helpful.

After playing Pirates CSG for a bit of time it has definitely grown on me. The combat isn't as fast paced as other games, but it is interesting once the action heats up. Combining 1 part RTS, Yugioh and Chess into one single pot has yielded this interesting amalgamation. Assembling your fleet into a formidable force can be tricky and hard, however it does prove enthusiastic seeing your ships doing battle on the high seas. The card prices aren't expensive and costs are about the same as a Yu-Gi-Oh deck and/or booster pack. One great thing about this game is that there are no computerized opponents. Every person you battle is a real person which allows for big differences from match to match. All in all I would give this game a 5/7 rating.


  • If you are a CCSG (Constructible Card Strategy Game) type of fan this game will lure you in given the chance.
  • The program to run the game doesn't require a beefy system unlike other online games. At 300mb for install and 150mb for the program itself it isn't a huge Hard Drive hog.
  • It isn't outrageously expensive to buy new cards to add to your arsenal.
  • There is definite a chess element to the game where you have to carefully plot out your course. If you're not careful you can be lured into a trap by your opponent.
  • The game is completely human driven allowing for difficult and sometimes-easy victories.


  • From my point of view the new cards aren't outrageously expensive, but some may find it not to easy on the wallet. Adding in a digital starter pack and one booster pack can run $15 US.
  • Even though the program doesn't require a beefy system it isn't exactly "State-of-the-art" in the graphics area. It boarders on the kiddy style of graphics, but isn't on the low grade either.
  • While the program is free to download you are required to buy a "Registration Pack" to access other parts of the game. However this is a one time fee and ranges from a measly $7 US to the more extravagant $35 US. Best part is you get a booster pack, digital starter deck or a combination of these things.
  • Some people may not like the strategy element of the game and will want to steer clear. If you do want to try it you can use the practice option requiring no card purchases.
  • The learning curve for the program isn't too steep but is a bit overwhelming for beginners. If you do get into trouble you can ask for help in the forums.
  • Just like other online games the human element allows for dishonesty; however the honest players keep this in check. It is best to introduce yourself in the newbie area and ask for info on your cards being sure to get multiple opinions.