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List (May 10, 2008)

One Handed Weapon List

Currently one handed mythical weapons are from the mythical epic quests that players can do.  These quests involve killing varying mobs and usually end with a hard to kill mob in Veeshan's Peak a rank 4 zone in Rise of Kunark. 

Below you will find the current list of 1hw in the item database.

  • \aITEM -1598683725 1405079690:Betrayal's Song\/a (Image)
  • \aITEM -1270934779 -1248783613:Doomcoil's Deactivated Control Baton\/a (Image)
  • \aITEM -944632938 -63632483:Double Eye Poker\/a (Image)
  • \aITEM 1586908060 1407254121:Empowered Talon of Milyex\/a (Image)
  • \aITEM -135033677 -1385136790:Jade Reaver\/a (Image)
  • \aITEM -1478755540 1371701413:Lamentation of the Intrepid\/a (Image)
  • \aITEM 1051355391 1348416678:Love's Lament\/a (Image)
  • \aITEM -1307469115 831613028:Prismatic Scepter of the Scale\/a (Image)
  • \aITEM 542102284 1453819796:Quickened Rod of the Watch\/a (Image)
  • \aITEM -719838392 1837423902 -931987979:Ryjesium Forged Knuckles\/a (Image)
  • \aITEM 2105874081 -268102059:Segmented Serrator\/a (Image)