Item Database


List (May 10, 2008)

Chest Slot Items

Items in the item database range from player crafted pieces to rare fabled pieces looted off of epic encounters. Once a significant amoutn of information is collected for T8 chest pieces T7 chest piece information will be entered.  

Below is the current list of chest pieces in the item database.

  • \aITEM -1651017392 1711664321:Battleguard of Atrebe\/a (Image)
  • \aITEM -1348108887 1709132948:Blackened Alloy Cuirass\/a (Image)
  • \aITEM -1823227284 -34735578:Blistered Strand Robe\/a (Image)
  • \aITEM 91276608 1112184291:Breastplate of the Blessed Emperor\/a(Image)
  • \aITEM 64067343 668363627:Chestplate of Solid Malice\/a (Image)
  • \aITEM 253639887 49841059:Dark Muslin Raiment\/a (Image)
  • \aITEM -936021728 -719919261:Divine Rhapsody Breastplate\/a (Image)
  • \aITEM 198475395 734367945:Jarsath Robe of Royalty\/a (Image)
  • \aITEM 135842392 541854813:Mighty Hauberk\/a (Image)
  • \aITEM 899164462 639300671:Quarrelsome Tunic\/a (Image)
  • \aITEM -829917505 222081104:Robes of the Gathering\/a (Image)