Item Database


List (May 10, 2008)

Leg Slot Items

The item database contains a list of leg slot items looted from epic mobs as well as player crafted leggings.  Once a significant amount of T8 information is collected T7 information will be entered.

Below is the current list of leg slot items in the item database.

  • \aITEM -1753051492 1760029003 -749028507:Ancient Dreadscale Greaves\/a (Image)
  • Note: The item above no longer drops in game and has been replaced by the Dreadscale Greaves.
  • \aITEM 252143984 969230788:Chain Leggings of the Lyrist\/a (Image)
  • \aITEM 2083460635 -840923615:Dreadscale Greaves\/a (Image)
  • \aITEM 951520702 -1717036160:Greaves of Sanctification\/a (Image)
  • \aITEM -2086649782 -1808705290:Greaves of the Wrathbringer\/a (Image)
  • \aITEM -1668005249 2111047409:Leggings of Lucidity\/a (Image)