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List (May 10, 2008)

Shoulder Slot Items

Shoulder equipable items can be crafted by players or looted off of various mobs.  Once a significant amount of T8 information is collected T7 information will be entered.

Below is the current list of Shoulder equipable items in the item database.

  • \aITEM -817609637 -1675077665:Absolution Pauldrons\/a (Image)
  • \aITEM 899656742 1528927340:Blistered Strand Cowl\/a (Image)
  • \aITEM 629790455 226054801:Befuddling Sleeves of the Wastes Hunter\/a (Image)
  • \aITEM -2124560646 1512122603:Field Commander's Mantle\/a (Image)
  • \aITEM -553736340 -1856633318:Jade Restoration Pauldrons\/a (Image)
  • \aITEM -660465830 -1942605536:Mindbending Cowl\/a (Image)
  • \aITEM 296465230 1450785174:Mantle of the Jarsath Tribe\/a (Image)