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List (May 10, 2008)

Wrist Slot Items

Wrist items can be made by the jeweler crafter class, quested for, or looted off of various mobs.  Once a significant amount of T8 information is collected T7 information will be entered into the database.

Below is the current list of wrist slot items in the item database. (Note)  Some items maybe repeated from the finger item list.  This is due to the fact the item can be worn on the finger or on the wrist.

  • \aITEM 1490589978 -1742141756:Bergo's Dirty Wristlet\/a (Image)
  • \aITEM -415326169 -754054114:Gahdash's Bangle\/a (Image)
  • \aITEM 2043634222 -237532485:Gift to the Queen\/a (Image)
  • \aITEM -1751336598 -629668853:Protector's Rune-band\/a (Image)
  • \aITEM 1880661406 1262742821:Spiny Needle Band\/a (Image)
  • \aITEM 177682731 -1851360684:Steelbark Wristguard\/a (Image)
  • \aITEM -1734663789 1557159004:Usla's Bangle\/a (Image)