City Writ Quests


Quest Info (May 10, 2008)

Status/Writ Quest Data

Below you will find the current information in the Quest Database about writ quests.  The quests will be broken down by levels of 10 and the markers, Qey, Fre., Kel, Neriak, and Gor.  Click on the appropriate marker to be taken to the web page.

  • Level 10-15: (Qeynos) (Freeport) (Kelethin) (Neriak) (Gorowyn)
  • Level 15-19: (Qeynos) (Freeport) (Kelethin) (Neriak) (Gorowyn)
  • Level 20-24: (Qeynos) (Freeport) (Kelethin) (Neriak) (Gorowyn)
  • Level 25-29: (Qeynos) (Freeport) (Kelethin) (Neriak) (Gorowyn)
  • Level 30-34: (Qeynos) (Freeport) (Kelethin) (Neriak) (Gorowyn)
  • Level 35-39: (Qeynos) (Freeport) (Kelethin) (Neriak) (Gorowyn)
  • Level 40-44: (Qeynos) (Freeport) (Kelethin) (Neriak) (Gorowyn)
  • Level 45-49: (Qeynos) (Freeport) (Kelethin) (Neriak) (Gorowyn)
  • Level 50-54: (Qeynos) (Freeport) (Kelethin) (Neriak) (Gorowyn)
  • Level 55-59: (Qeynos) (Freeport) (Kelethin) (Neriak) (Gorowyn)
  • Level 60-64: (Qeynos) (Freeport) (Kelethin) (Neriak) (Gorowyn)
  • Level 65-70: (Qeynos) (Freeport) (Kelethin) (Neriak) (Gorowyn)
  • Level 70-74: (Qeynos) (Freeport) (Kelethin) (Neriak) (Gorowyn)
  • Level 75-80: (Qeynos) (Freeport) (Kelethin) (Neriak) (Gorowyn)