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Raid Data (May 10, 2008)

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Below you will find all raids for T7 Kindom of Sky content. Areas will be broken down into contested and instanced zones with the appropriate tags. Instanced raid zones will be split giving the creature name, creature level, abilities and potential loot it can drop. Contested raid mobs will have creature name, level, recommended group force and loot it can drop.

  • Labratory Of Lord Vyemm(Inst)
  • Temple of Scale
  • Temple of Scale:Pedestal Of The Priestess(Inst)
  • Ascent Of The Awakenedx2(Inst)
  • Ascent Of The Awakenedx4:Talendorr(Inst)
  • Ascent Of The Awakenedx4:Gorenoir(Inst)
  • Deathtoll(Inst)
  • Lycenium Of Abhorrence(Inst)
  • Halls Of Seeing(Inst)
  • Hurricanus The Patriarch(Cont)
  • The Three Princes(Cont)
  • The Mutagenic Outcast(Cont)