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Raid Data (May 10, 2008)

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Below you will find all information about T7.2 raids in the database. Raids will be listed by zone name or by contested mob name. For zones you will see creature name, level, abilities and possible loot. With contested raids you will see creature name, level, abilities, recommended raid force and possible loot. If The zone is a persistant raid zone a P will be listed next to it.

  • Free Thinker's Hideout(Inst)
  • Clockwork Menance Factory(Inst)
  • Mistmoore Inner Sanctum(Inst)
  • Emerald Halls(Inst)(P)
  • Throne Of New Tunaria(Inst)
  • Pumpkin Headed Horseman(Con)
  • Mayong Mistmoore(Con)