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Avatars are considered the top of the top raid contested mobs within Everquest 2 offering the best loot beyond some mobs like The Tangrin. They are also some of the hardest creatures to take down due to their abilities, buffs, and spells that they have. For those that worship a particular avatar if he/she/it is up you should seek them out. Upon standing near your chosen avatar/diety of worship you will gain an "Avatar Buff" that will last for 3-5hrs.

Most avatar buffs will have a health booster, stat booster and a resistance booster with some avatars giving physical buffs for physical mitigation, avoidance, and the like. Each avatar page will contain information available to the article writer. This information will be avatar location, visable buffs, and information that can be seen during battle. The article may not contain a complete walkthrough for the entire fight, but should give a general idea of what to expect.